I started out as the kind of photographer that just wanted to take pictures of people as they go along in life. When I was at art school in Washington DC, I took pictures on the street, parties, protest marches… As I turned photography into a career, most of the photographs I did were very setup and calculated – portraits, interiors, still life.

In 2009, I got a call from The Thing Quarterly. In their words it is an “OBJECT BASED PUBLICATION… EACH ISSUE IS CONCEIVED OF BY A DIFFERENT CONTRIBUTOR. THE OBJECT IS REPRODUCED, WRAPPED, AND SHIPPED TO THE SUBSCRIBERS.”   They were looking for a photographer to document their projects and events. Surprisingly some of the most rewarding work over the years since, has been covering their “wrapping parties.” Volunteers gather and work on assembling and packing the current issue for mailing to subscribers. The atmosphere is quite jovial and relaxed. It makes for some odd, yet lighthearted interactions.

I reconnected with the reason why I take pictures and what makes photography powerful in this unlikely place. Kudos go to the people at The Thing, founders Jonn Hershend and Will Rogan, for giving me the freedom to do what I do.

See the full album here – The The Quarterly Wrapping Parties