Scott Amendola, 2003

In 2003 I made my first portrait of #ScottAmendola. He had hired me after I gave him a card at a gig. Since then we’ve made a lot of portraits, drank coffee, and, because he is quite kind, played some music together. On Monday February 4th, at the Freight and Salvage he will play his…

For Open Space / SFMOMA

Claudia La Rocco, Editor in Chief, of Open Space commissioned me to do an article about the creative music scene in the East Bay. Open Space is San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s online & live interdisciplinary commissioning platform.​ A few selects from the article below. Full article is here  

Very Proud

Stop what you are doing and read this post I did for SFMOMA Open Space! I am very proud and thankful to Claudia La Rocco for asking me to contribute. This is a love letter. Listen Up

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