Ben Robison for Stanford Medicine

Portraits for Tracie White’s story about the role of art in medicine. “Ben Robison, a medical student and professional violinist, is collaborating with a painter-physician on a website and tour that enables health care workers to make and interact with art.”  

In Print

For Stanford Medicine Magazine, the opening spread for a story about Dr. Emmanuel Mignot and his narcoleptic Chihuahua, Watson. A doctor and his Chihuahua make explaining narcolepsy look elementary By Becky Bach Photography by Lenny Gonzalez

Recent Work – Dr. Verghese

I photographed Dr. Abraham Verghese for Stanford Medical School earlier this year. I just read a story about him in the The New York Times.  He is concerned that medical students rely too much on technology and equipment and not enough on their senses to examine and diagnose patients. There is a lot to the…

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