Hadley’s prepared piano to play Cage

Last night I went to the SFMOMA to hear sFSounds’ THE MUSIC OF CHANGES a year long series celebrating John Cage’s centennial. There were screeches, flourishes of dissonance, sneezes and many other non-musical sounds in a musical context and all of it was beautiful. I’m always open to this kind of music. Its asks you push your expectations aside and look at it for what it is in the moment, not what you want it to be.

I never know how to describe my feelings when I hear John Cage’s music performed. All I can tell people is,” I wish you were there.”

“Sonatas and Interludes” (selected) (1948)
prepared piano

“sfSound’s Sonatas & Interludes Transcription Project” (2003)
chamber ensemble
(arrangements by Bithell, Ingalls, and Shiurba)

“The City Wears a Slouch Hat” (1948)
percussion, sound effects, and actors

“Aria with Fontana Mix” (1958)
voice and chamber ensemble

“Five” (1988)
chamber ensemble

John Flanagan, actor
Julia Hathaway, voice
Hadley McCarroll, piano
Rootstock Percussion (Christopher Froh, Daniel Kennedy and Loren Mach)
Stacy Ross, actor
Michael Sommers, actor
David Winter, actor

Kyle Bruckmann, oboe
Tom Dambly, trumpet
Matt Ingalls, clarinet & sound effects
Ben Kreith, violin
Monica Scott, cello
Andy Strain, trombone